Large file storage and sharing space

Terra-Octet is a web service that meets all large file transfer needs, whether in a context of regular collaborative work (design offices, printers, graphic agencies, subsidiaries or traveling collaborators) which requires the sharing of files online, or as part of one-off large file exchanges.

A complete and reliable tool for sharing files online, exchanging large files with third parties, storing documents on remote disk space and working collaboratively over the internet.

  •  Features

    - No software is needed to access Terra-Octet storage space. It is available through your internet browser and is compatible with all plateforms (Mac, PC, Linux...) and all browsers (Firefox, Chrome...). Thus, shared information is available at any time from any computer.
    - The interface is ergonomic and intuitive and does not require any technical knowledge to ensure maximum ease of use for neophytes.
    - Sending large files is done with a few clicks and can be done through the web interface or through protocols like Webdav, Rsync and Ftp.
    - All forms and file formats are accepted: Documents (PDF, PowerPoint…), photos, videos, models (photoshop, illustrator…), plans, audio recordings, CDs and DVDs…. Terra-Octet meets the needs of all activities!
    - Exchanges are carried out confidentially and securely thanks to the user account management function and SSL encryption of transfers.
    - Finally, the large file transfer space can be personalized for free (colors and logo) and Terra-Octet allows you to integrate an express transfer interface for one-off large file exchanges directly on an internet / intranet site.

  • Included in all plans

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